How to Boost Your Income Using Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are a massive, fast growing market due to our ever increasing need to have instant communication and information at our fingertips. This has in turn resulted in sales of smart phones soaring. More and more people are also cancelling their landlines and opting for mobiles instead proving that mobile phones are fast becoming the preferred method of communication. In view of this what better way could there be than to use this phenomenon to start a business working from home?

There is certainly a massive target audience to reach as there are currently 5 billion mobiles in the world…That’s 5 for every pc and there are many ways to reach them and also boost your income in the process. You do not need any technical or marketing skills.Whether you are a mobile novice or a sms texting machine, there are plenty of opportunities to thrive using mobile marketing. The good news is that this is still a relatively young industry so now is the time to take advantage. There are various ways that you can make money from home using mobile marketing including the following:

Create an app

It is a fact that the top 100 apps make anything between $400 -$5000 per month.Given that the average app costs approximately $500 to make there is a handsome profit to be made from developing your own app. If you dream of earning a 7 digit income then devising and selling your own mobile apps is the best way of achieving that goal. By researching other apps you will be able to find any gaps in the market. Or alternatively you could think of your own interests whether it is playing bowls or gardening and then create an app based around that interest as chances are there will be millions of others who share your enthusiasm and would love to indulge their passion in the virtual world. When you have created your app you then need to sell it on either via the web’s top app stores or your own database or both.

Become a consultant to local businesses

Mobile marketing is great news for every business you know. Mobile marketing can act like a salesperson whispering into the ear of a potential customer at a fraction of the cost. Most local businesses are looking for ways to reduce their marketing costs and to attract consistent business. Therefore why not page through your phone directories, Google maps and newspapers to obtain names of local businesses that you can offer your services to. Just think of all the local businesses that you could help including dentists and doctors to reduce those costly broken appointments, restaurants to text last minute offers to fill empty tables or even advise car sales how to lure people from the forecourt into their showrooms via Bluetooth. Even florists could increase sales by texting husbands to remind them to buy flowers for their wives birthdays. The options are endless. You will be offering a valuable service that local companies will pay you for.

Affiliate marketing

If you do not have a product or service to sell but still want to take advantage of the booming mobile market you could also sell other people’s products or services. Admittedly it won’t make you a fortune but it can still create a consistent additional income for you.

Mobile marketing is indeed a fast growing phenomenon. Whether it is to devour mobile content, download apps, surf the web, text or play games most of us own one and more importantly most of us use them. Indeed 4 in 10 people now access the web via mobile and more importantly 9 out of 10 texts actually get opened and read as opposed to only 1 0r 2 via e mail. Therefore there is a huge target audience. Mobile is currently still a young industry so if you yearn to achieve better financial and personal freedom by starting a home business mobile marketing can provide the best work from home business…A business that you could literally start tomorrow.

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