Cloud Hosting – The New Type Of Popular Hosting Plan

Many people have never even heard of cloud hosting. Some may have heard of VPS. Cloud is similar to VPS, except that it takes VPS to a much higher level. So what is VPS hosting? The letters stand for Virtual Private Server. It is a type of plain where you have something similar to dedicated hosting. But instead of your website being the only one on the server, as is the case with dedicated hosting, what happens is that you share the server with only one or two other clients. This is midway between shared hosting and dedicated hosting (see my other articles on Shared Hosting).

Cloud Plan

With Cloud, the idea is taken to completely new level not available even in VPS.

Instead of one server, you are allocated space on as many servers as are available. This is a type of floating space allocation. In other words, you are given exactly as much space as you need at any given moment. If one server is not enough, then space is pulled from other servers that are available. At the end of your billing period, you are charged only for what you have used.

As you can imagine, this type of plan makes it possible for businesses and other groups, even for individuals with large, busy website, to be able to get as much bandwidth as they need at any given time.

Cost Of Cloud

The fact that you pay only for what you use at any given time is what makes this plan so cost effective and increasing in popularity. It offers unlimited flexibility and diversity that is not available in the kind of plan where you pay a fixed monthly charge regardless of how much of the resources you actually use.

There are Cloud plans available for every conceivable need. If you own a large business, but your web traffic ebbs and flows depending on the season, then you should seriously consider this type of plan. Also for individuals and companies that operate a lot websites, such a plan would indeed be flexible enough to satisfy their requirements. Cloud plans range widely in terms of cost. They start at only about $9 per month for a basic plan, where your anticipated usage of storage space and bandwidth is supposed to be low. They go on up all the way to $200 per month and above for those clients that use a large portion of the server resources. So depending on the kind of business or personal website you have, you can start anywhere in that range. It’s always wise of course to start low and upgrade as your demands grow, as this type of plan is ideal for providing that kind of flexibility.

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