6 Mobile Marketing Trends Every Small Business Needs To Know About

According to AMA 88% of the Australian population used mobiles in 2014.

The above statistic is good enough to say that mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and are necessary in the modern world. Smart marketers realise this and with the help of mobiles they have changed the realm of advertising. We have successfully bred a new generation of humans who are optimally utilising their mobile phones to achieve their daily desires. Whether we like it or not, mobiles are taking over the world and the incredible convenience they offer continues to get easier thanks to the ever-expanding dominion of mobile marketing trends. With a proper strategy you can learn about the mobile habits of your customers and gain the knowledge and resources you need to save your business and/or take it to the next level.

1. SMS advertising

According to Ninja Link Building 70% of smartphone users are engaged by text advertising

SMS marketing is becoming a strong competitor of email marketing. This brand of advertising is effective because it’s more personal, quick and to the point. Some of the features and benefits include higher open and conversion rates, affordability and the always important cool factor which is crucial among young people.

2. Snapchat

In May the Australian Bureau of Statistics discovered that Snapchat boasted 2 million users in the country.

It seems hard to believe but this simple photo sharing app is highly popular and has become an influential arena for online advertising. Those familiar with the app will likely know about its unique filter functionality, besides being engaging these filters also serve as one of the apps greatest marketing tools. For regular users you may notice every now and then the unique brand related filters appearing in your menu; during Rio I noticed a number of Olympic themes free for me to use. Snapchat essentially gives its users the power to advertise the brands of their sponsors for them. There is no doubt this app is on the rise and the company recently announced plans to introduce behavioural targeting in late 2016.

3. Mobile marketing automation

In 2015 mobile marketing automation possessed only a measly 1.5% penetration but expectations showed the numbers expecting to triple.

There is no denying it, mobile marketing automation is on the rise and its growing fast. There is no excuse anymore to overwhelm your customers with information they don’t need. Mobile marketing automation allows SME’s to collect data on their customers which will better enable them to source the right content to the right people. Not only does the process save you valuable time and energy but it takes out all the guess work of marketing in lieu of cold hard facts.

4. Social media mobile marketing

According to Statista there are 2.34 billion social media users worldwide and according to Marketing Land 80% of social media time is conducted from a mobile device.

This is a huge group so optimising your business to advertise to this market is absolutely vital. Social media is popular thanks to its ability to engage; check out the personalities on Twitter or a Facebook business page. See how they engross their audiences with regular postings and pictures. If you lack a proper social media strategy for your business then you’re missing out on an amazing bounty of advertising and engagement opportunities.

5. More apps

89% of mobile phone users in Australia have smartphones and everyone inside this group has the ability to download and use apps.

For any small business hoping to get digitally engaged, nothing can affirm your online presence better than a beautiful, easy to use app. All the big businesses have one; check out Netflix or David Jones. True you may not be as sizeable as they, but do not limit yourself, think big. Once you have your website and social media pages up and running taking an extra step further will differentiate you from the crowd. Having an app gives you another direct marketing channel besides your website and you might be accessible without an internet connection.

6. YouTube

YouTube boasts over a billion users and more than half of the views generated come from mobile devices.

Like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is also popular and for some innovative individuals has become their fulltime career. Humans are visual creatures and as we enter this new age of growth, words and text are falling to the wayside. What we crave is action, to laugh, to cry and to see people doing SOMETHING. You don’t need to go viral (it might help though) but YouTube’s sheer popularity will gift a budding business with a new channel to add to their marketing arsenal.

Mobile usage is growing and as a result new and innovative means for utilising these devices are constantly being developed. Smart devices exist to make our lives easier and offer new and exciting possibilities. Grow your business effectively and take advantage of mobile marketing trends now before it’s too late.

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